NamaSip Tour - DC Edition

If you missed out on the NamaSip Tour in DC…. you have to catch the next one! ToniLauren Apparel had the opportunity to participate as a vendor at this event, which was truly inspiring! Founders, Marissa D. and Yogi TB could have not pulled off a better event that included a workout, yoga, brunch, shopping, and most importantly, women empowerment! The goal of NamaSip is to create a serene space for women of color (WOC) to feel acknowledged, inspired and empowered on her wellness journey through fitness, meditation, mindfulness & fellowship! This event definitely exemplified those characteristics!  

As a vendor, I had the opportunity to interact with a number of participants and I could tell that their spirits were lifted from the environment that these girls created! It was also amazing to interact with other entrepreneurs as well, and to see how we can collaborate and help build each other brands! I see NamaSip becoming the next big thing! With the determination and willingness to help others, the duo of Marissa D & Yogi TB will accomplish that! Cheers to the next NamaSip event!

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