Marshea Chanel - The "Social Shero"

Marshea Chanel describes herself as a “stylish, social, flat-out shero”, which I can absolutely attest to! She has built a strong platform that allows her to use her personal experience and knowledge to help inspire and encourage those around her. Her “anonymous submission” site hosted on her blog, stands on women empowerment by allowing followers to seek advice, ask questions, and share stories without criticism or judgement. This platform is admirable, as women should be continuing to inspire and build one another up! Marshea’s reasoning behind this amazing idea, is the impact! Impact is her motivation. She is continuously looking for ways to positively impact, inspire, and encourage those around her. Her “anonymous submission” platform is just one of those ways!

Additionally, Marshea’s classy-chic style has identified her as an effortless style influencer ! She is big on “giving vibes with her wardrobe”, so don’t be surprised if you see her in something super bold, daring, or different! Her style encourages individuals to be themselves and have their own style!

Marshea just wrapped up a “Beautyfull” skincare giveaway for the month of March! Make sure you stay tuned for more giveways… (cosmetics or shoes)! Stay tuned and check out her platforms!



IG: marsheachanel