Mack - Upcoming Music Artist & Fashion Enthusiast

Mack is an upcoming artist from Richmond, VA! Her super dope style allows her to remain true to herself through her free expressions with fashion and music!  She can be described as a neo-soul singer that includes a mix of alternative R&B and Hip Hop. Her latest song, "I Like" is a song that any girl or guy could vibe too! Mack is up to good things, so be sure to stay tuned! Read below and check out the links to learn a little more about Mack! 

1. What Is The Best Way to Describe Your Style?

I would say my style is very eclectic, you never know what your gonna get. Some days I may play it very simplistic, others I may be extremely flashy with bright colors and vibrant prints; over all I like to go for a classic look and I love my sneakers, sneakers over heels any day.

2. How Long Have You Been in the Music Industry?

I started singing around 2012, I didn't take myself seriously until about 2014, where I began writing my own music and experimenting with my voice, one day I just finally decided like wow I might actually can do a little something with this voice of mine.

3. Do You Think Your Style Helps to Market Your Music?
Yes, I do believe style plays a very important role in my music. It's my voice that will catch people's ear but it's nothing like being visually appealing as well. I think when people like your style as well as your music, it's definitely a plus and will make people pay more attention.

4. What Inspires You?

 I'm inspired by everything, I try and make everything I see and hear an experience. Some days I may watch old 70's films or listen to music from the 50's and 60's. All of these things may play a role in my fashion as well as my music.

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March 3rd - Everyday Dope Life - The Playlist Party - Norfolk, VA